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Adderbury Gathering: Organising Communities

We invite you to the Adderbury Gathering, our annual public talk, at 3pm on Sunday 18th June 2017 at the Adderbury Meeting House, followed by afternoon tea. All are welcome - there is no charge.

Tom Bulman is a community organiser for Citizens UK – he will be talking about the approach Citizens UK take, and their exciting and engaging campaigns in Milton Keynes. Come and learn about Living Wage campaign (including special Tea Bags) and Weaving Trust amongst other activities across the community. Citizens UK is an alliance of diverse communities taking action for a thriving, more inclusive and fairer UK.


In recent years the last Meeting for Worship of the year at Adderbury has been held at 14:30 on the Sunday before Christmas, followed by carols at 15:30 selected as the spirit moves the body of the meeting and accompanied by Quaker musicians and hospitality.